aborange Searcher

Of the aborange Searcher Download searches the hard drive for files. The search in the freeware one narrows as required by file name, size and modification date.

aborange Searcher download for the smart file search

A double-click opens the file in the associated application. Either is searching aborange Searcher in a directory or multiple folders. The user also determines the content of the files of the file name. Particularly with a large amount of text files content search separates the (file) wheat from the chaff. On the program's functions are accessed in demand from the context menu of Windows.

aborange Searcher Download

Various options to narrow down a search

With the use of a search experts such aborange finder file search does not have to swallow a lot of time. In particular, the wide range of options to narrow a search quickly promote the desired result-a-days. Faster you can hardly achieve its desired files.