KP? These are the most popular WhatsApp Abbreviations

KP? These are the most popular WhatsApp Abbreviations

gotten even with Wmd, Ggd and Bd? We have the most popular WhatsApp Abbreviations fished out and translated laboriously! read now and then have a say skillfully!

The numbers of WhatsApp for Android downloads speak for themselves: More than 700 million WhatsApper that reciprocates every day countless messages and send along. Whether for appointments in lovesickness or for easy chatting about everything under the sun – call was yesterday, today it is called What Appen. But why not? It is extremely practical and can be done quickly in between. To keep the cost even lower, have long taken on many chat partners WhatsApp abbreviations. Who is on the tube with the “kk” or “OMG” – we have deciphered the abbreviation madness painstakingly.

WhatsApp AbbreviationsKP? These are the most popular WhatsApp abbreviations. (Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

[UPDATE: 6/10/2015]

We have encountered new curiosities from the world of WhatsApp abbreviations that we naturally want to deprive anyone. The interesting thing about these shortcuts is that even confusion are really possible. Or to whom it was clear that DDR “You can clean” means?

  • ALDI: Preferably you
  • ace: A matter of opinion
  • BaB: Kiss on’s Bauchi
  • BabsAm looking for a wife Search
  • BambiAm most stressed
  • BENZ: Pull In Elchtest emergency brake
  • BSEAm so lonely
  • GDR: You can clean
  • DN!You nervst!
  • it: End of Reason
  • FANTA: Refuel still driving
  • naturism: Buy condoms Drive
  • Rabbit: Have longing
  • dog: Have nothing underneath below
  • SIMS: Honey, I end

WhatsApp taken abbreviations used in the network

Many of today’s circulating on the WhatsApp chat abbreviations are of course nothing new. A few years ago, the wave of cuts with Facebook and Twitter feed had been holding. Especially with Twitter that was only a logical consequence: to squeeze all information in a tweet with only 140 characters, is not so easy. But if you exactly take it back and reminds me, there were some abbreviations such as “HDL” even at times of SMS. Finally there any character decided whether it would be a message, or even two. With WhatsApp, there are not these conditions – yet the shortcuts on the Chat partners are very common and popular. On the one hand, the economic writing behavior with the operation can be explained via touch screens, on the other hand ensures the fast pace of our society plays a role. As always, those who do not want to come out the next chat as backwoods and embarrass should now look closely.

Abbreviations who stormed WhatsApp

The list of existing chat shortcuts is a mile long. Which actually be used depends on the friends and chat environment. In the younger generation the cuts be safely used more often than in chats with 50+ -WhatsAppern. We have compiled a selection of the most common and most popular WhatsApp abbreviations that does not claim to be complete. May I help you:

So they say “I like you”

  • HDL: I love you
  • HDGDL: I really love you
  • ILYI love you (alternatively: ILD / ILU)
  • IDA: I also you
  • 4yo: Only for you (alternatively: 4Y – for you)
  • BF: Best friends

WhatsApp Chat Abbreviations(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

Abbreviations for “hello” and “goodbye”

  • WG: How are you?
  • WM: What are you doing?
  • CU: See you
  • LG: Greetings (VLG – Much love)
  • XOXO: Hugs and Kisses
  • XXXKiss, kiss, kiss
  • GN8: Good night
  • BBBye bye (alternatively: BiBa – soon / BD – until then)

WhatsApp abbreviations for reactions

  • OMGOh my God (or: WTF – What the f ***)
  • CCCool
  • sry: Sorry
  • WTH: What the hell
  • LoL: Loud laughing
  • rofl: Curl on the floor laughing ago
  • KP: No plan (KA – I do not know)
  • HDF: Shut Fre ** e
  • THX: Thank you

WhatsApp abbreviations resolution(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

General abbreviations

  • K: OK (alternatively: KK / KAY)
  • MOM: moment
  • OMW: On my way
  • cola: Come later
  • WE: weekend
  • ASAP: As soon as possible (As soon as possible)
  • Yolo: You live only once
  • bday: Birthday
  • HGW: Congratulations
  • PAW: Parents just look to