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Users of the popular Q & A platform can use the app now also on the move and answer questions. On the intuitive held surface it is also possible users to track all activities of friends. In addition, the app also allows photos and animated GIFs than answers and sharing this. app for mobile Q & fun

The platform enjoys worldwide popularity. The portal has around 160 million users who ask each other questions diligently. Who has set up an account can make any member questions, the questioner end can remain anonymous if necessary. In addition, each user is free to decide whether he would like to respond to questions. The principle of the social Q & A portal seems to arrive. appThe platform is mobile on the go also: answer questions app With the and even get answers. (Picture:

With the associated app users are more flexible and can easily carry on the go, her question and answer sessions.
The Q-and-A app is available for iOS and Android. The provided here Download brings for free on the Android smartphone. Android mobile image of the platform

As with the online platform, registration is imperative in the app. Those who still have an account, can register in the app. Afterwards, presents the user with a very clean user interface, which has put emphasis on intuitive operation. Very simply, it is the user, for example, possible to connect to all his friends. So you can easily connect via Facebook, Twitter or account.

  navigateur UC app issuesWhether from friends or other users strange: There are daily new questions ready to whom you can give your mustard. (Picture:

always associated with the app up to date

The user now has the opportunity to ask questions in the usual manner or to answer. No matter when or where. As the platform and the app allows various response options: For pictures or even animated GIFs can be used as answers or be attached to them.

In addition, users stay with Android always up to date. So let all the activities of users to whom you follow yourself, see there. In addition, you can set up for new messages, and so push notifications.

Relatively new is also the function to share answers with friends. This works even if the answers are not their own. The portal would thus give users the opportunity also to show feelings and to share.