ARC Welder

ARC Welder

With the ARC Welder Download the user receives a Chrome extension that allows to test Android apps in the browser and use. Using the Add-ons running apps on Mac OS X as well as Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS. ARC Welder is meant for app developers as a test environment, thanks to ease of use but also petrol normal user can deal easily with it.

ARC Welder Download brings Android apps to PC

To get smartphone apps on desktop PC up and running, there are already some solutions and programs. Now Google has developed its own tool that is designed to expand the uses of Android apps. With ARC Welder a Chrome extension comes on the PC, which ensures that apps can be opened and operated. The special thing about this plugin is that it runs operating system-independent. Apps can be used on both Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Google’s own Chrome OS. As early as September 2014 Google had released a similar tool. However, App Runtime for Chrome (ACR) enabled the app using only Chrome OS.

ARC Welder Download

Google Chrome Extension not only for professionals

Originally, the add-on was designed for developers who can use it to test their own apps under different conditions. but since users need to bring neither knowledge nor special programs for the use, and non-studied PC users can use the tool. All the user needs is the appropriate APK file of his favorite apps. This is the typical file format Android applications standing by on Freeware for all apps for free download.

ARC Welder Downlaod surface

Application and operation of ARC Welder

In principle, the ARC Welder brings download the necessary environment for Android apps on the PC and converts the APKs in Chrome Apps order. If the extension is installed, all the apps on the add-on can be opened. Provided that: The corresponding APK files exist. When you open the application also asks what format the apps to be displayed. You can choose between tablet and phone. When testing shows that not all applications easily open and let operate. There are two reasons:

  • The expansion is still in the beta phase
  • The Android apps run Native Client who has no full accessibility of GPU and CPU functions from the Chrome. In addition, missing hardware elements that are found on smartphones such as the accelerometer, cameras and Co.