Gardenscapes – New Acres cheats help when playing

Gardenscapes – New Acres cheats help when playing

With Gardenscapes – New Acres Download Playrix has a colorful Match 3 Puzzle developed, which is available both for iOS and Android and can be played via facebook. Garden Landscapes – New Acres Cheats help get the maximum fun from the app.

Gardenscapes - New Acres CheatsColorful gardening fun with Gardenscapes: Small tips and any Gardenscapes – New Acres Cheats help you play. (Image: Screenshot Playrix)

As part of the hidden object series Gardenscapes the game has quickly gained popularity. In the new spin-off again, the goal is to collect stars and coins using small puzzles to bring the garden of an old estate back on its feet. With the stars up banks of turf can be set up, mowing, repair the fountain and much more. Pro completing his puzzle there is a star. Coins other hand one can grab in a higher amount, depending on how many fruits and flowers have been cleared. Thus, the game an innovative combination of classic Match 3 puzzle similar to Candy Crush Saga and building game is, however, players complain increasingly about the difficulty of the higher levels, but it can provide a remedy in Gardenscapes -. New Acres with cheats.

Gardenscapes – New Acres Cheats: find neighbors

Quick annoying that you have to wait half an hour for a new life for every life lost. Those who want to quickly back to work, can count on its neighbors. Which can send life that is – of course there is always a mutual give and take appropriate. Anyone who has a lot of friends, accordingly, has enjoyed fun. Other objects from the neighbors help to beautify the garden again. Players who know no other player can look, for example, in Gardenscapes forum.

  Gardenscapes - New triche Acres aide lors de la lecture

Gardenscapes - New Acres Cheats building gameThe main objective is to prepare rundown gardens again magnificent. (Picture: Playrix)

Tricks for Puzzles: clear A lot of bombs

The trick to the puzzle is to clear away as much as possible simultaneously. To more than three elements can be combined perfectly – namely more than seven. And that happens in each case:

  • Four elements: fireworks. With their small explosion they admit some fruit out of the way
  • Five elements: Bombs
  • Seven or more elements: TNT barrels. Almost the entire screen is cleared.

Ended up staying trains left, these are converted into bombs that explode immediately – and it’s worth it: Because for many explosions there are many coins, which in turn help in cleaning up the garden piece.
Gardenscapes - New Acres Cheats PuzzleAnd the necessary gimmicks for the garden, the player gets over the puzzles. (Picture: Playrix)

Waiting time span with time management

If one builds a lot, it comes naturally from time to time to need the coins and stars go out and fix once again puzzles or simply wait. The developers have even in Gardenscapes – built New Acres cheats to sweeten the wait a bit. For example, it is worthwhile to address Butler Austin on the home screen from time to time by tapping to hear what he has to say. The good can be quite funny fact – but also leaves like to drop a sarcastic saying. Even those who strictly separates puzzle time and construction period, can handle the wait or at least reduced.
Resourceful people, however, have already responded and Gardenscapes – programmed New Acres cheats that – apparently unnoticed – are infinitely bring a small add-on program coins and stars. This is obviously a way to circumvent hard levels and long waiting times – but there is always the risk that the account will be blocked. And above all, the fun is lost quickly when everything always goes smoothly. Since each player should decide whether he wants to go that route.

  Gardenscapes - New triche Acres aide lors de la lecture