With MultiMouse multiple users at different computers display their mouse pointer on a central PC at the same time and use. With the helper can be so with little effort via Internet projects collaborate. The multiple cursors provides MultiMouse with a name tag of different users for easy identification. Thus collaborate on a single desktop documents with their own input devices or control programs of the central computer multiple users. Furthermore allowed MultiMouse users to send to the central computer and text input with its own keyboard. In this way, texts can write in the team and edit without a participant must leave his place. The mouse movements and text entries are transferred from MultiMouse via any wireless or Ethernet network connection. MultiMouse provides working groups practical tools for working on joint projects in the network. Even as a presentation assistant in video conferencing tool cuts a fine figure.

Limitations of Multi Mouse - Multiple cursors

The trial breaks the connection after about three minutes and must then be restarted.