Of the kkiste.ag download previously cinema crate under the name and kkiste.to reach. The cinema box-successor presents current movies and countless classic films. The new outfit the website looks tidier than before and there is now less advertising. At the basic concept of kkiste.ag little has changed since the films will continue to be offered in various Sharehoster via links.

kkiste.ag downloadkkiste.ag Download with current movies and classic films (Image: editorial)

kkiste.ag Download with autoplay feature and new filters

kkiste.ag has replaced kkiste.to since 17 October 2016th According to the supplier, the cinema box servers were hacked in this day and delete all backup data. Therefore, the admin has paralyzed the server and the domain shut down. Since the Server Admin is submerged since then, the cinema box team had to rebuild the project completely. has been added here, a new player with autoplay feature, new filters with Quick Search and search suggestions as typing a keyword. For many of the films on offer, users can now also view the corresponding trailer

Is kkiste.ag legal or not?

With kkiste.ag movies can view optimally on the iPad or iPhone, as the hosted films are offered in a presentable format for the iPad. The streaming portal offers a versatile footage. Films of every genre can quickly locate and stream for free. The portal is divided into different categories such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi. With such a tempting streaming free offer of course it is very likely that this is not a legal offer.

kkiste.ag Download GenreConvenient selection of a plurality of film genres (image: Editorial)

External Stream cloud links to copyrighted content

The home page of the streaming platform kkiste.ag shows a selection of new and popular movies. There are also films that have not yet been officially released as a stream or DVD. Who clicks on one of the films in kkiste.ag download, receives a content description and a list of the main characters. This is to find the link to the actual stream that is made possible through an external streaming cloud Link.

Our recommendation: Do not click on these external links because it is copyrighted material! Those who do try to do so, is illegal and runs the risk of committing an offense and warned
to become.

kkiste.ag Download Stream CloudThe films will continue to be offered with links to various external Sharehoster. (Picture: editorial)