Of the Adobe Air Download provides a runtime environment based on the use of Internet programs on the local PC is. developers offer with the freeware new opportunities in programming. Users benefit from sophisticated programs.

Web applications on desktop use with the Adobe Air Download

Adobe Air accesses the local file system. At the same time, the tool also retrieves data from a SQLite server that is not installed locally. The development of air services no new programming is necessary. Software authors already using their existing knowledge in HTML, Ajax, Java and Flash.

Adobe Air Download

The free runtime Adobe AIR brings Web applications of all kinds directly to the desktop and brings together two worlds. For more development environments users to free download our software offering. Adobe Air is the basis for a combination of Internet and desktop applications. Of particular note is that authors with traditional programming languages ​​to create a new generation of tools. Some large sites realize their offer already in Adobe Air. Various other development environments are available for free download in our comprehensive software offering.