CoFraGen – Color fractal generator

CoFraGen generates image files from the Mandelbrot set (Mandelbrot), Julia set and a few experimental features. The image data is stored in TrueVision Targa format to the calculated color depth of 24 bits (each 8 bit per color - corresponds to 16,777,216 possible colors) to store lossless and allow easy processing and incorporation into other programs. For the calculation of the three color models are available to (RGB / CMY / degree), in which the image data can be converted yet even after the final calculation. A preview with zoom and scroll function makes it easier for the user, the image sections that are of interest to select and calculate in the end. A palette generator for the GRAD model color palettes that can be loaded, edited and saved. In the new version, an external viewer can be specified with the calculated images can be viewed immediately after completion.

Limitations of CoFraGen - Color fractal generator