His mission: to make all sheep of the flock happy. And so the most potent breeding ewe reports from the North back to Eros' playground. It is for Sven 004 no easy task even with Sven to make his love services to the sheep. Now in its fourth appearance Sven must place again over backward to meet all sheep. In the numerous new levels the player has again a lot to discover and experience. Sven 004 comes back in three different versions XS and XL to the computer. Features: ■ Huge levels controllable (among other movies, Villa, Factory, UFO) ■ Five characters ■ Five new animals ■ Many new animations ■ Usable vehicles ■ Brand new extras ■ single-player and team mode for 2 players ■ Online highscores

Limitations of Sven 004

The trial version only has a few levels.