Of the Library View Download provides per-click access to the content in the so-called media libraries of public television in Germany.

Play video streams and record with the library View Download

Additionally available to online broadcasts on ARD & Co. has the freeware and international broadcasters such as Arte or TV stations from Austria and Switzerland in the program. The Java-based library ViewTool first ransacked the currently published on the web site of the transmitters. The program then presents them in a list to choose from. Now you can watch the videos either as streamed content with the built-in player or immortalize on the hard disk.

Library View Download

Recording using external player

The record, however, does not assume the software itself, but with the help of external player such as VLC media player. For this purpose, but only two mouse clicks, then land the selected clip as MP4 video on the disk. From the cultural reportage up to the current gym, public service broadcasters to download a rich selection of videos on their servers - but usually only for a short time.

With library View you look at missed programs not only later, but puts them on request in his own film archive from, and it's free. Conveniently, library View is also well to subscribe to and download the popular podcasts.