TyperTask helps automate frequently used keyboard actions. The freeware saves typing repeatedly used text and accelerated in this way the work on the PC. TyperTask offers an AutoText feature and allows you to insert pre-defined text modules. Also a multi-line text is available. The shortcut keys are freely assignable. The freeware can also be used for the AutoCorrect whole words or an auto-complete. For example, from "mfg" on "Best regards" or a "sgduh" on "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen", Also shortcuts for launching a program or Web pages can be defined quite comfortable with TyperTask. For starting applications while also calling a specific file can be specified. Other functions of the freeware are the delayed start of actions, the pixel-perfect run mouse clicks in the active window and to set up a program launcher list. TyperTask offers a practical package of automation tools. These accelerate the work on the PC, helping to save time and typing.