With the Easter Greetings Download Send user virtual greeting cards for Easter. Animated free Easter cards for every taste can be selected in the Web app to "Happy Easter" to say via e-mail.

Send Easter greetings with download, animated greeting cards

Overall, the Kisseo web app currently offers 27 fun and tasteful Easter greeting cards. With the animated greeting cards to your own Easter greetings can quickly and easily send and particularly stylish way to friends, relatives and colleagues. Easter is considered known as the most important festival of Christianity because of the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday and his resurrection meant is celebrated from the dead on Easter Sunday. Of course, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs can not miss this festival traditionally.

Many funny motives with Easter bunnies and eggs

Eggs and rabbits are symbols of fertility, which although originally dating back to pagan spring festivals, but were subsequently also became an integral part of the Christian Easter. Teeming expected in the Easter greeting cards also just as before bunnies and Easter eggs. beautifully designed and fun patterns for happy Easter greetings are available for adults and children. These are exclusively animated maps. So the addressee of Ostergrüße receives a small film that he can look at a mouse click after receiving the e-mail. Oster cards that are suitable for reception by smartphone are marked as such.

Easter Greetings DownloadSend Funny Easter Cards free download Easter greetings.

make Easter greetings in advance and automatically send on Easter Sunday

Designing and sending Easter wishes go with the Easter greetings download easily and quickly by hand. First, the creative Easter friend selects the desired motif for his Easter card and specifies the recipients email address. The data is then filled to the sender. Practically, the opportunity to make an Easter card already at any time before Easter and to define, for example, Easter Sunday as automatic transmission day. Those who want provided with a personal message his animated Easter greeting card has this own text box available. Click on Next step leads to a final confirmation page where the sender sees the card again in a preview and can correct if desired, before he finally sent.

Easter Greetings Easter Cards DownloadThe Easter cards can be automatically send the requested date.

The following are the titles of the 27 Easter cards in the Web App:

  • Animated Easter card
  • Rising Sun in the church windows
  • the Kückücksuhr
  • The Easter egg hunt is open
  • Disco egg and chicken dancing
  • Mrs. chicken
  • Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter with Asterix and Obelix
  • Happy Easter with yodelling
  • Happy Easter and a nice weekend
  • Jesus rose - Happy Easter
  • funny easter eggs
  • magic egg
  • Paint Your egg at
  • Musical Easter card
  • Nackiges chicken
  • Cute Easter Bunny
  • Easter Parade
  • daffodils
  • Easter bunny in the video game
  • Easter chicks
  • Easter chick in egg
  • Religious Easter card
  • Deviled eggs
  • Chocolate Rain and treats
  • Dancing chicken and eggs
  • Welcome to the Sweet Tooth

Easter Greetings Download Happy EasterVarious fun patterns are willing to wish Happy Easter.