Cyclists can in the free Bike Pass App capture all the data from your wheel comfortable for Android. If the bicycle is stolen, a rapid transmission of data to police and insurance is directly realized.

Bike Pass App: All data digitally and at hand

Most cyclists have come not given the situation that her bike was stolen. Whether city or village from which farm out or from a central location - the frustration when the wheel is gone, is great. The price is often not as important because you can just loves his bike. Especially as the prospects of ever again seeing the wheel, may not be so rosy theft. you can increase the odds but with a little initiative: the bike through. Who wants his bike is recovered, should also provide as much information about the object for the police. Thanks to the new bike card Android application, data can now conveniently manage digital. No annoying bits of paper and above all this contributes to the transmission of the data easier.

Bike Pass App

easily manage multiple wheels bike pass

So both owners bicycle in case of theft can be identified, the user should enter as much data in the digital bicycle through. The app is providing a variety of categories for full details are available. Among the most important items course include coding and frame number. In addition, the user can provide information on the type of bike and the vendor and model. is useful in any case, a photo can also be stored in the app. In addition, it is possible to make a very detailed description of the wheel. There, facts such as frame size, and color stuff or about fork, shock, handlebars, stem and rims can be made. The bike card can be printed as needed.

Bike Pass App Information

Very practical: The user can also manage multiple wheels via the app.

Quick help with theft

If there is now for the theft of the wheel, the user must look not only cumbersome for the data. Since most of your phone is always at hand, even the app including all cycling data is immediately accessible. Thanks to the integration of an export function the data from the bike card app can easily be transmitted. There are two choices, either to export the pass as a plain text file or create a PDF that can be sent as an attachment via email. Thus passes too much time until the police can begin their investigations and insurance is also informed immediately.The surface area and thus the handling of the app is otherwise, as one would expect of useful leisure downloads, extremely simple.