Timely notice tariffs with Blau.de: How to

Timely notice tariffs with Blau.de: How to

One must at any rate terminate Blau.de? We show what to do with the different tariff options. Switch now make smart and effortlessly to another wireless service provider.

Blau.de is a trademark of Telefónica Germany, the various tariff packages offering – including Tenders with and without contract. All customers can view over their fare via the free download of the blue app convenient and manage. Only denouncing so that does not work!

terminate Blau.deAs you can cancel at Blau.de depends on the tariff

cancel tariff at Blau.de – When is it necessary?

Whether one needs to make an official notice or not, depends on the brand of Blue tariff. So there is an exception where no notice is necessary. The distinction is in direct connection with the splitting of smartphone tariffs and prepaid tariffs. Say, the prepaid plans do not have to be terminated.

Quitting Prepaid rates

So if you have bought the prepaid SIM card at Blau.de and now uses the 9 cent tariff, must not make any cancellation. Thus, the SIM card is automatically deactivated after the activity period. To find out how it is with the duration of that period, you have two options:

  • You can access this information through My blue. This works on the app or online.
  • Alternatively, to select the speed dial 1155 and gets the date for the deactivation.

Blau.de terminate activity periodHow long will the Prepaid is active, you can read in Blau.de account area

NOTE: If you still have credit in their Blau.de account can cash out this course. For this, the user must send only an informal e-mail to [email protected]

terminate Blau.de contracts with maturity

Contracts with maturity one must, however, terminate at Blau.de. So This includes activities such as the Smart L, M, or all-in tariffs with a 24-month contract period and the Internet Flat with maturity. Contracts with a 2-year contract period automatically extended for another 12 months if not terminated the contract in time. This applies to contracts concluded after 01.08.2014; older contracts are extended by 6 months.In time that Allnet contracts must be terminated up to 3 months before the end of the minimum contract period means in this case; with smart and surf Flats is 4 weeks.

The notice must be in writing, either by e-mail to [email protected], fax or by mail to this address:

  • Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
  • Riga Straße 9
  • 17493 Greifswald

terminate the contract without AllnetFlat

The AllnetFlat without a contract is another exception, where it is a little different. If you booked this fare must terminate this at Blau.de – even if he has no minimum term. So, this Agreement will always extended by one month, if it is not finished. The notice period is 4 weeks and the notice must also be in writing.