The tuning classic Norton Utilities brings the home PC into shape. The shareware dressing not only thoroughly by the registry of Windows, but repairs among other corrupted files. In addition, Norton Utilities includes tools for testing of hard drives. These eliminate redundant data scrap and bring scattered file fragments back into the correct order. The same applies to the working memory. For faster the computer is started by the cleaning force programs that are started together at boot with Windows, according to priority. Who wants to remove certain software from this startup, also found in Norton Utilities to the right tool. the integrated DiskBleacher which deletes sensitive data completely from the hard drive when they are no longer needed proves to be practical. The other way is treading Norton UnErase, which accidentally restore deleted data. In addition, Norton Utilities provides a so-called benchmark test. With this tool we compare the performance of their own system with different reference models.

Limitations of Norton Utilities

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