FolderVisualizer shows space usage on disks graphically. The freeware makes my pie chart, the biggest memory hog visible.

FolderVisualizer Download analyzed hard drives

FolderVisualizer scans the computer attached disks off to their level or disk space usage. The analysis of the data carrier or the free helper graphically visualized in the form of a pie chart. In addition, the tool displays a list of the largest folder with space-eating files on the disk.

With free FolderVisualizer to get memory-hungry applications and file collections on the track. Conveniently, the freeware works smoothly with both internal and external storage devices such as USB hard drives.

FolderVisualizer download

The tool presents identification of the top 100 of the biggest memory hog in clear diagrams. In the current version, the freeware has been optimized in speed and also comes with SSDs cope. New statistics on memory usage and recommendations to delete the files that has been added. Numerous other free Systemanalye tools are available in our software catalog.

Limitations of FolderVisualizer

FolderVisualizer is free for private use. Plus an enhanced version is available for 10 euros.