Firefox is not responding – what to do?

The error in use can have various causes - know now more about what you can do when it says: Firefox is not responding!

Many users use the Firefox browser to surf through the network. Fire Fox Mozilla is reviewed regularly has a lot of enhancements and is generally considered more secure browser. Here you can download Mozilla Firefox for free. Nevertheless, also this browser is not perfect 100 percent, because sometimes the program or stops responding depends easy.

Firefox is not responding - so the browser is running liquid again

The aim of this tutorial is that the browser no longer crashes or hangs. Often the message "No respond" in the bar of the window and the cursor will change to the utilization symbol. As Firefox runs smoother again, following instructions explain.

The conditions for the Feuerfuchs

Mozilla's Firefox can be on all current operating systems installed, this includes Windows from XP SP2, Mac OS X 10.6 and all new Linux distributions. As hardware requirements Pentium 4 processor, 512 MB RAM and 200 MB of free space on the hard drive are.

stabilize Firefox

  • Must first be checked if Firefox is not too heavily loaded memory. This often happens then when displayed in parallel with a lot of content or downloaded. To check the load, the task manager must be opened and then switching to the tab using Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Here you will find all the programs that executes the computer at this moment. Applications currently can not be required simply be terminated and the utilization of the computer minimized and resources are freed up.

Firefox is not respondingFirefox is not responding? Then the Task Manager should be consulted.

  • Firefox does not respond because the browser uses too much RAM. In this case, the browser crashes or is slow. This can also be checked under performance in Task Manager. The statistic left in the middle shows the current utilization. More RAM fixes the problem.Firefox is not responding RAMOften an overloaded memory is the cause.

  • In our own cases, Firefox depends on even if a script is not responding. In this case, a warning message when you can select whether the script should be executed or stopped will appear.

  • Sometimes it also happens that Firefox thinks he's already started, although that is not the case. If this is the case, declared the following clip, how to proceed most rapidly in order to resolve this issue.

Note: A variety of problems can be improved or fix by adjusted Firefox. The function can be found by entering the page about: support In the right upper corner. Following potential problem sources are removed: extensions, themes, site permissions, search engines, downloads, DOM storage, security, certificate, equipment and other individual settings, plug-in settings, settings of the toolbars, custom styles and social functions.