Jumpian help teachers all the daily "little things" around the curriculum mediation. From the attendance and homework control including documentation to scheduling, task and note management, students management helps with many tasks.

Optimal education authority with the Jumpian Download

With Jumpian teachers manage their classes, including participants and grab it back to practical gimmicks such as moving students between different courses. Individual students can be additional information such as assign the development and knowledge as well as individual observations - on request according to its own categories sorted. The presence, or in some places perhaps rather the absence of documented Jumpian also with little effort and is easier to see through various evaluations.

Even tasks for individual students, group work, complete courses or the teacher themselves are created in no time and with a due date. In addition, of course Hüpfian also provides support for archiving and management of teaching certificates and for example allows duplicating one week to another - after all, despite all the change over several weeks extensive topics.

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The current version of Jumpian hotel also features an expanded weekly planner, additional staves and easier backups. The teaching certificates are straightforward and flexible deposit and the teacher can see at a glance what Sun is present all in that week. For the current day is "cockpit" intended. When resemble two weeks, the user saves work by simply copying the entire week.

The teacher sets per class a staff and configures it individually according to your own wishes. Practically comfortable adding single / classwork with the optional clef manager. Other useful functions are clear average grades, grade courses, certificates and reports.

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The organizing of parent-teacher conferences and the pause control of the smoking area does not assume Jumpian of course - that the school administrators scores with numerous recurring administrative tasks. While the friendly interface comes in a standard design, therefore, but it opens up in no time. For those who actually always wanted to just teach Jumpian is certainly worth a test run not only because of the very verschmerzbaren licensing costs. Those looking for more tools for teachers to free download, will find in our extensive software catalog.

Limitations of Jumpian

Manage up to 200 records

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