AusweisApp (Bürgerclient)

Of the AusweisApp Bürgerclient Download allows the use of new Perso functions on the PC. shopping safe online, digital signature and much more are available in conjunction with the new card.

AusweisApp Bürgerclient Download Digital Citizen

Hotly debated, criticized and yet since 11/01/2010 Regulation: The new federal identity card. Citizens who want to use the new online features of BPA, this need AusweisApp - without nothing goes. The freeware is used as a certification body for the authenticity of the card. In conjunction with a special reader, the program allows for example the digital signature on the Web, or verifying own age for services, and "Digital Citizen" from your desk.

AusweisApp Bürgerclient DownloadAusweisApp Bürgerclient Download: The software for the new ID card

use functions of the new ID card

Supported card readers include SCM SCL011, SCM SDI011, Reiner SCT cyberJack RFID. The freeware AusweisApp likely to remain one of the few programs which stands completely without competition. Who wants to use the functions of the new ID card, can not get here definitely. The download area is found in addition to AusweisApp also a so-called CleanUp tool. This cleans up the computer from all remnants of the app if the uninstallation should not go smoothly.