supermarket Tycoon

As a manager of a future supermarket group starting from scratch. You must choose one of 320 available building sites initially. Have you bought the building site, so you can determine when and how much the building will serve as a supermarket percentage of the site. Then you need to determine which products will sell their supermarket chain. Buy a main bearing, because the selected items should be stored there via the purchasing menu at favorable conditions ... Lie down then a small fleet, so the trucks can deliver your purchased items in the individual stores. Ask for each of their possible 320 branches personnel "cashier". "Warenauff├╝ller". "Shopping Cart Together slide" and "Warenbestandsaufnehmer" one to allow a smooth supermarket operation is guaranteed. Survey your customers to the branch line and fire them if necessary the conductor. Put a manager who relieve them later in the game the supply of stores and automatically send out trucks and inform them about all the details. You can always see which items in which branches are scarce and can react. Build their branches in order to, for example, offer their customers more sales room or for example a meat counter or children's corner. Expand your main camp, so it can absorb more goods stores. Also, you can trade on the stock market to supplement your assets something. Perhaps the bank will help you out with a loan. It is up to you whether your supermarket chain soon includes 320 branches, or whether you go with the first branch broke ...

Limitations of supermarket tycoon

Time limitation in the trial version