Of the Simpsons stream is still coveted by dubious sources such Kinox.to or Burning Series. We show where friends of the cult animated series The Simpsons online can view all legal. Moreover, the Simpsons available at Netflix on the Netflix app and via Amazon Prime or max cathedrals? Here all the answers come to Simpsons Stream!

Simpsons stream with 28 seasons and 600 episodes

The Simpsons is one devised by Matt Groening and very popular American animated series Fox's Network. Meanwhile, 28 seasons and 600 episodes have already been produced and the feature film The Simpsons - The Movie. The Simpson family consists of Homer, Marge and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Since the act reflects aspects of American daily life critical, the series is very popular with adults and restaurant has established genuine cult status. For children, the TV series is, however, only conditionally recommended.

Simpsons streamThe Simpsons Stream has long been true cult status. Source: FOX

Swipes on the American Way of Life

Scene of the Simpsons Stream is the fictional US town of Springfield, where the family Simpson in the 742, Evergreen Terrace lives. Of the "American Way of Life" criticized cynical topics such as fast food, television watching, gun nuts, religious zealots or corrupt politicians while numerous swipes at the US popular culture are dealt. The main character is Homer Jay Simpson patriarch of the Simpsons. Homer is shown as a typical lazy couch potato and classic anti-hero with characterological defects, but not without sympathy. He likes to get drunk in Moe's Tavern with his favorite drink Duff beer.

The Simpsons on free TV on ProSieben

It is in the United States to the long-lived primetime series and the most successful animated series. In May 2015, the US broadcaster Fox extended the series to The Simpsons Season 28 whose appearance is scheduled from 25 September 2016th For the first time the Simpsons were aired in Germany in 1991 on ZDF. Since 1994, the TV series on free TV can be seen on ProSieben. In Austria, the comic series runs on ORF 1 and Switzerland on 3 Plus TV. The German-language premiere of The Simpsons Season 27 takes place from August 30, 2016 the free TV channel ProSieben.

Simpsons streaming video from Amazon, iTunes and Videoload

Who wants to watch the Simpsons Stream, should give up sources in the gray zone as Kinox.to or Burning Series and instead access the Simpsons online from Amazon Video, iTunes or Videoload. Amazon 11 Simpsons seasons are currently available in eight ITunes and Videoload least seven. Many Simpsons fans wonder if there is the Simpsons stream Netflix. Unfortunately, the answer is "No", The customers of the film and series flat rates max cathedrals and Amazon Prime sacrificing the Simpsons online.