LG PC Suite

The LG PC Suite makes backup and synchronize data between LG mobile phones and the Windows machine useful. A USB data cable or Bluetooth connects the freeware PC and phone, and then throws a close eye on the data.

LG PC Suite Download PC associated with LG mobile phones

Owners of LG mobile phones which are looking for software to connect their mobile phone to the computer, have arrived at the destination. With the LG PC Suite Download may be a connection between PC and smartphone easily to all data and content easily back and forth. Owners of other models or operating systems can find the right telecommunications software for data exchange here. The Freeware for LG mobile phones not only allows the synchronization of e-mails and text messages, but also of media files. Users can therefore drag photos, videos and music easily on the PC's hard disk and manage there.

Simple installation and two-way data exchange

After the free download of the LG PC Suite, the user starts with Double-first the .exe file. Following the quick and uncomplicated installation, the program automatically starts. Now, only the mobile phone to the PC must be connected to enable synchronization. There are two variants. The user can either via USB cable or but via Bluetooth a connection between mobile phone and computer produce. Those who are unsure about the installation and connections, found in Suite Wizard a helpful partner.

LG PC Suite Download

At this point, the installation was supposed to be completed. However, the manufacturer requires a Registration on its website. Who does not want to enter here, is not authorized to use the freeware.

Sync tool for convenient data management and creation of backups

The LG PC Suite download automatically has a useful application called On Screen Phone on board. This ensures that the mobile screen conveniently - is displaying on the PC - and above all in real time. This makes operation extremely pleasant and facilitates the synchronization enormous. The backup module of the suite also ensures beside emails, SMS and Media files Another important data on the PC's hard drive. Thus, it turns out to be extremely convenient that the sync tool also Appointments, contacts and notes compares between the computer and phone and so the user saves a lot of tedious and error-prone typing. Convenient especially for laptop users: A function that the Modem of the phone for Internet access uses. If you booked a corresponding flat rate remains connected even when traveling with the worldwide data network. Useful program for backing for LG mobile phones Since the program clever synchronization. Backup module and modem linked this freeware is recommended for LG owners definitely. The only bitter taste is the necessary registration on the manufacturing side. Note: The link in the download area the way leads to a website of the provider. There, one should be Select own smartphone model and then the suite gets to download and install.