Of the Protected Music Converter Download removes the copy protection from audio files of various popular formats. And he does not even punishable itself - namely, the protection is not removed, but simply re-recorded the file.

Protected Music Converter Download with simplem trick

Here, the copy protection simply fall by the wayside. Simple trick, big impact. For details on Protected Music Converter is relatively unexciting: Protected files are placed as usual via the File menu or Drag'n Drop on the user interface and select the desired target format. On the input side processed DRM killer WMA, M4P, MP4, AAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, AU and AIFF, at the exit waiting for the user then WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA files without copy protection. The quality can be influenced by selecting a pre-made profile, or by manual setting, filenames awards Protected Music Converter set to automatically. Simple trick, simple interface, simple goal: Protected Music Converter dispensed pompous program interface and focuses on the essentials: Combating of offense DRM. That, however, is done by the Audio Converter quickly and reliably. A completely free alternative is the popular DVD-Ranger iTurnsPro, which we also offer for download.

Protected Music Converter Download

Limitations of Protected Music Converter

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