PC Speed ​​Maximizer

PC Speed ​​Maximizer

Of the PC Speed ​​Maximizer Download improves the performance of Windows PCs by optimizing various system settings. In addition, the speed maximizer provides more space on the hard drive and the protection of privacy by cleaning up the system and removing personal Internet surfing traces.

Automatic system check after the PC Speed ​​Maximizer Download

PC Speed ​​Maximizer is a paid software for system cleanup, it also brings some program points, which in itself optimize Windows make it useful. Completely free downloads for system cleanup can be found here. Immediately after downloading and installing the system optimizer automatically launches the application and immediately initiates the first review of the system. Then, in a clear and detailed list of what options were found for optimization. Upon request, PC Speed ​​Maximizer lists in addition to details on specific items. Which consist either of the individual entries, which are then marked for removal or can be excluded, or branch out to other parts of the program:

  • Registry errors
  • temporary entries in the registry
  • Temporary Internet Files and Folders
  • Cookies and History Website
  • Chat logs
  • other temporary files
  • invalid shortcuts
  • Performance and optimization settings
  • Program entries in the Windows Startup
  • Security Settings The performance and optimization settings branch turn again in other areas, which are described further optimize the bottom of the range Windows. In addition, the optimization report gives you information about it has already carried out the actions of PC Speed ​​Maximizer download. The button Fix Now all finds are cleaned in one go, but the trial version is limited here to a registration reminder. In addition to automatic complete testing as well as various system improvements for direct access are available.

clean up Windows registry and secure

Behind the Registration tab Speed ​​Maximizer offers by clicking check the registry to adjust the option of specifying which areas of the Windows registry being checked:

  • installed software
  • Shared files
  • file associations
  • DLL errors
  • interface
  • Startup programs
  • Program uninstalls
  • Help and resources
  • Fonts and Sounds

PC Speed ​​Maximizer Download Registry

Also can secure the entire registry and restore it here with one click. In this way, users can get a Create Registry Backup. This is useful if you want to make some changes in the Windows registry, or to be prepared if automatic cleanup was something to be eagerly – as well as the sometimes happens. In addition, a system restore point can be put on here who then also a Backup Windows Registry includes. Start by checking the registry check triggers separately. This then goes much more quickly than the full system scan, but it brings in terms of registration, the same test results. Important difference, however: When you click on repair are automatically corrected any errors found, a selection of individual areas or key here is no longer possible. In the demo version is here but already concluded for the debugging of buying the full version is due.

delete temporary files: Windows system cleanup

The Purge button opens access to different areas of the integrated system Cleaner, clean up the system by the user. This ensures in small parts actually for a speed increase, such as cleaning up the started with Windows programs. Primarily to provide here, however, for more space on the hard disk.

PC Speed ​​Maximizer Download System Cleanup

  • Privacy audit: Recent Documents, Temporary files, Windows Search, Empty Recycle Bin, Internet history, cookies, recent Web, chat logs, log files
  • garbage: Scans the system after extraordinary temporary files other programs
  • broken links: Scans a selectable folder of the system (usually AppData), and does not list working shortcuts.
  • Manage launchHere autostarts are listed, registered in the Start menu and in the Windows registry. Finds can be individually by checkbox (de-) activate. Past the point Advanced Options is here under a Andrem Goglesuche after the corresponding entry available.
  • large files: Scans either the Windows libraries or a selectable folder on the hard drive for files larger than 10MB and lists them. A checkbox to delete files can then be selected and removed.

Optimize Windows: Adjust settings

The Optimize tab has some options that can lead to an actual acceleration of Windows. In addition, a whole series can be found here settings to restrict user accounts. This is useful in certain circumstances, but offers less performance optimization aspects. Practically, however: Every single area has the button Recommended settings suggestions for optimal setup.

PC Speed ​​Maximizer Download Optimization

optimize your settings:

  • system:
    • clean page file before rebooting the system
    • disable prefetching: prefetch slow down the Windows startup because certain parts of the program are already loaded into the boats. For this example program starts or running menus to speed on the fly.
    • automatically disable unused DLLs: Loads less libraries, accelerating the Windows Start
    • Windows log of user activities: Less logs for more speed
    • error reporting
    • Password query after standby
    • Automatic user log in without a password
    • Automatic restart in the crash of the system
    • See instructions executed at boot
  • safety:
    • Enable Control Panel applets
    • Enable / Disable Taskbar Properties and Start Menu
    • Enable / Disable Display Properties
    • Show Run from the Start menu
    • Enable / disable DeInstall Transportation Options
    • Enable / disable Task Manager
    • Enable / disable Regisrierungseditor
  • Internet:
    • Enable / disable access to Internet settings
    • Enable / disable access to settings of the temporary files
    • Automatic Image Resizing
    • Enable / disable automatic upgrade of Internet Explorer
    • Web addresses auto-completion
    • automatically complete forms
    • automatically complete user names and passwords
    • enable saving passwords
      System Cleaner with optimization tinsel The bottom line of PC Speed ​​Maximizer is downloading certainly when it comes not a bad program to delete temporary files, clean up your registry, and customizing user settings. To actually pass as Windows optimizer, the possibilities for system optimization are quite simple but a little too thin, since we have been open to us by a program in this price range promised something more. However useful predictable automatic testing and the protocol that provides the ability to undo individual actions carried out. Both points are accessible from the program settings.

Limitations of PC Speed ​​Maximizer

Just Scan, no troubleshooting in the demo