How much RAM does my PC? At the latest, if you are planning a large software purchase, you should check in advance whether enough free memory is available. Here you find out where you have to see!

Especially if your plans with Windows to bring your system up to date 10 download, you should check the hardware information.

How much RAM does my PCHow much RAM does my PC? So you find out! (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

How much RAM does my PC? So come to the info!

First of all, it must be differentiated between verbautem RAM (point 1) and free memory (point 2).

1. What is the built-in memory?

To clarify the question of how much RAM the PC has installed, you can call on Windows this path:

  1. control Panel
  2. system and safety
  3. system

Here can be found at the point of memory installed the indication sought. However, that helps one not if you want to know how many capacities are still available.

How much RAM is installed my PCHere you can see how much RAM is installed. (Screenshot: Editorial)

2. Show the available memory

If you ask yourself, "How much RAM does my PC still available?", First open the Task Manager with the deeds Ctrl + Alt + Delete and following the option performance. Here, the memory is broken down into used and available. Displayed on the Task Manager permanently at full capacity of the memory, you should consider extending into consideration.

How much RAM does my PC freeHere you can see how much RAM is still available. (Screenshot: Editorial)

How much free memory is optimal?

Anyone who thinks now on upgrading memory, should first have these figures in mind, because the RAM you need depends largely on the operating system installed:

  • Until Windows XP: 1 GB
  • Windows 7.8: 2 GB
  • Windows 10: 8 GB (for resource-intensive software such as video editing tools 16GB)

Based on these data can be determined whether the memory is still sufficient or should be better retrofitted easily.

Can I upgrade my RAM yourself?

You have to the question: "How much RAM does my PC?" With "Definitely not enough!" - then you should upgrade. To find out what type of RAM needs to be purchased and whether there is a free space is available, you should pick up the download CPU-Z. The free software is a standard tool for the PC analysis. Under the item SPD you find all relevant information in order to upgrade its memory:

  • Under the slots occupied and unoccupied Storage Bays can be found (here's a slot with no entry, is also a free slot available, through which the memory can be upgraded)
  • Under a slot with entries can also find all the information to select the correct type of memory. Design are important here (as in the picture DDR3) and the value under Max Bandwidth. With this information you will find the appropriate extension quickly.

How much RAM does my PC ExpansionCPU-Z reveals all the important information to expand without problems RAM. (Screenshot: Editorial)