By Ares invites you downloaded music, movies and other files. The freeware peer-to-peer client (P2P client) sets up connections to multiple users, with which you can interact.

The Ares Download for fast sharing of multimedia files

The free download of Ares is simple. When installing thereafter but care must be taken that no adware is also installed. This can be avoided by unchecking the additional components. The user then has to find their way only with the instructions in English and with the Download, upload and swap files can be started.

Functions and features of Ares

The file sharing program Ares is a kind Exchange market on the Internet, on which users, for example, Pictures, music, videos and documents download and upload can.

Ares download

The files examined, the tool case itself and automatically. The downloads can be of multiple sources simultaneously be started, which increases the speed. But the pause of downloads is possible, which can then be taken up again at a later date. Even a large number of downloaded movies and music files you do not lose track thanks to a powerful library. the downloads you assigned to a category and file types and using the quick search access to users without detours to the desired file.

Ares Download Overview

On board of the software is also a media player that can play while downloading the files already. The tool also supports the BitTorrent network and Shoutcast radio station. But probably the most best feature is the integrated chat, through which one can interact in real time with other users. Besides Ares there are still a number of which can be viewed here other file sharing programs.

Disadvantages of file sharing programs

One problem, however, the contents of shared files could cause: Although Sharing is not illegal on the Internet itself, but the content of most uploaded files are often copies whose copyrights prohibit unauthorized distribution or dissemination. For this reason, you have to watch what files to load up and also what you charge down. Otherwise the exchange with file sharing programs is nothing to prevent and Download Ares is harmless. A solid tool for multimedia fans The download of Ares is a wonderful way to to network with other users and discover long-lost material again. The Ares download is for the perfect opportunity, since it belongs to the P2P programs to the fastest and most effective. However, it must be taken care of as I said, that one does not violate the copyright. But who deal responsibly with the contents of the files will have no problems with Ares.