NettoKOM charge: Check balances and inflict

NettoKOM charge: Check balances and inflict

with its prepaid SIM cards Net offers a convenient alternative to other market – and also even very low credit cards in between. Like you charging NettoKOM can and retrieves your current balance, we’ll tell you here. These instructions apply to all NettoKOM tariffs.

NettoKOM charge: How your credit adds

You have just received a new SIM from NettoKOM and now the starting balance tends slowly to the end? So then it says fill deposits. And for that, you have several ways the same. Either you can charge the credit namely manually – so if you need it straight. Optionally, you also have the possibility to recharge your credit automatically – once a month or whenever the current balance draws to a close.

charging NettoKOMThe NettoKOM credit is charging easy. Several ways you have to choose it – manual or even automated. (Picture: pixabay / NettoKOM / Editorial)

Manual charging: branch, Internet or ATM

Classically You can walk to the next net, as you buy one of the prepaid cards for manual charging. The cards, each worth 4, 9 or 15 euros available, you will find usually near the checkout. On the back, there is then a field that need to scratch off your. You can find the nearest branch net by the way using the Net App.

Indicated there code – which is incidentally only unlocked after you’ve paid for the card – type in your one after your free speed dial 111800 have chosen. Alternatively, you can enter the code below

  NettoKOM charge: Check balances and inflict

But Optionally, you can also use the direct charging via if you have deposited your bank details in your online account. Then you have the option of booking an amount of your choice right there around the clock on your mobile phone.

But even at several ATMs are given the opportunity you to charge your phone credit. Just look at your bank.

NettoKOM up credit cardsA special feature at NettoKOM are the recognized small-value credit cards. (Picture: NettoKOM)

Automatic recharging: Do nothing and still balance

Those who do not want to worry about on a regular basis that balances lands on the SIM card, can also rely on automatic charging and feel in a contract. There are options to add money at low asset conditions – for example, from 10 euros – or aufzubuchen month for the first one month money. For this but you must deposit your bank details in your NettoKOM online account.

With this option, however, it is important that you always retain an overview of how much phone you. If in doubt you should write you this. If you come over a reasonable amount for you, it might be worth namely to switch to another prepaid model. However, in NettoKOM attacks cost protection, in which you will never get more than 39 euros a month.

Balance query made easy

Whatever your your cell phone charges up money, it always pays to query the current credit status regularly. This is very quickly by either your

  • the cell phone speed dial 1155 is calling and you value your credit or let announce
  • the key combination *100 # typing and confirmed with the Call button. The credit will you then be displayed on the display.
  NettoKOM charge: Check balances and inflict

But in your online account area you can let you see your current balance. However, the display there will appear delayed a few hours. If you have so busy tone only longer, it may be that the credit is not currently displayed.

Online you will find but also an overview of your credit use the last 24 months and can – if you have applied for the beginning – see an itemized.

Tip for World users: Who uses the World fare, benefits while charging the way of a very special gimmick: Depending on how much credit you recharge let in NettoKOM there namely up to 300 free text messages per month.