The Tinder App prepares Singles great joy, because the partner determination has never been so easy. And the best: The free Flirt app is based on Facebook and displays only people who are in the neighborhood.

Tinder App with Facebook access

The notified in English tinder app spreads after the success in the US and in Germany like wildfire. This dating tool you do not have a meticulously created profile to worry themselves. For ages self-descriptions and questionnaires do not exist. Users can install the Tinder Android application on their smartphone and register there with their Facebook account. The users of iPhone or Tinder Tinder iPad use the access the social network. The Flirt aid needs access to the public profile and personal information on Facebook. If you have logged into the dating app, the name and age of a profile is automatically made public photos generated.

Tinder App

Other users also get common interests and likes to see and the person can do something better estimate. Also Common friends are displayed, which always causes amazement. You might want to give the information package automatically created with a short self-description a personal touch. Or to set a more images of themselves and not have to rely exclusively on his profile pictures.

matchen with Tinder first, then flirt

The Tinder app works on a simple algorithm based on location and reciprocity. When connected to the Internet, the dating application scans the immediate area for other users and displays their profiles one by one on. The app has a geographical memory. That is, even if one is no longer in the place appear Area profiles in which they were recently. About a wiper system is in if you find the person attractive. Rejected love interests disappear forever behind the left side of the screen. Potential Dates leave the screen on the right wing. If none of the proposed Tinder members met from the neighborhood to personal taste, the app involves a growing radius in the calculation with. both parties find attractive, a match is displayed. Only now flirts can be exchanged. Thus, the Dating App sure that you only get messages from people you like and visually.

Tinder App Match

A second chance for paying customers in flirting Messenger

If one has become blurred with excitement, or at least umentschieden short term, there is the possibility, for the second attempt. However, this feature requires Tinder Plus access, which will be shown in a paid extension. In the Plus version also the function Passport is included with which can change one’s position. So can flirt from your home worldwide.