Pokémon GO Map: Easy to find rare Pokémon!

Pokémon GO Map: Easy to find rare Pokémon!

With a Pokémon GO Map sees the gamer, where walk which Pokémon, and can capture these in an uncomplicated way. Some industrious fans have since Pokémon GO crafted cards that reveal the exact place where the little monsters in the neighborhood. We show the best Pokémon Tracker to track down the very rare copies!

Pokémon GO Map: Per Pokémon Tracker find coveted Monster

With a Pokémon Go Map of the players bring to the Pokémon Go App Download find out exactly where that beings are. Unfortunately, the Pokémon GO app itself has only very superficially in the map to the localities back and the positioning function in the Apps does not turn out very reliable. Even the footsteps icon that will show how far a Pokémon away is no great help in Pokémon hunting.

Pokémon GO MapWe show the top Pokémon Tracker for hunting rare monsters.

Rare capture Pokémon with the PokéVision Web App

The PokéVision web app provides relief and support to capture and quickly rare Pokemon, so not only Pidgey, Weedle and RATTATA shouted. Gamers can thereby understand in real time where hiding the little monsters. Pokévision shows a live map of the whole world on which a lot of Pokémon can be seen.

Pokémon GO Map PokéVisionPokéVision shows in real time where which Pokémon are.

The Pokévision app draws on the API of the Games and presents real-time data to the Pokémon in the vicinity. Registration is not required. Simply specify the desired location and check which little monsters cavort nearby. So you will know whether it’s really worth to go there to hunt. However, the monster search seems to be working in some areas much more reliable than others.

Pokémapper: Together, the Pokémon hunters are strong

As further help oak Pokémon Go Map Pokémapper may be recommended to help in the hunt and to grab rare Pokémon. The most common species are constantly running known about the way, but the most coveted Pokémon make himself scarce. Pokémapper shows have to look at which points the gamer to ferret out the fine specimens among Pokémon. Here are other Pokémon hunter to help. Every gamer can enter his discovery sites in a world map and so the players support each other.

Pokémon GO Map PokémapperIn Pokémapper colored dots symbolize the localities on the Pokémon GO Map.

The handling is simple. Just click on the magnifying glass to get to the search function. The player enters the name of the desired Pokémon, such as Dragonite or Mewtwo. Immediately appear on the Pokémon card GO colored dots that illustrate the localities. The Pokémapper Web App unfortunately there is only in English, but this is not a problem as you will find over images of Pokémon, despite the unusual name of the associated monsters easily.

Pokémon GO Map BerlinRewarding Pokémon localities in the Berlin area.