visionapp Remote Desktop 2023

visionapp Remote Desktop

With the ASG-Remote Desktop Download provides administrators an important tool for the remote maintenance of computers. Thanks to the integrated connection protocols to all systems from Linux to Windows from a distance can be managed. In addition, several administrators can work at the same time, for appropriate security provide different authentication methods.

ASG-Remote Desktop Download for managing remote connections

Many programs for remote maintenance are rather designed as an aid for private use. The remote desktop tool made by visionapp, however, is not really intended for support purposes, but rather to manage and manage remote computers. An instrument that decreases particular administrators a lot of work. First, the relief is ensured by the fact that the software via USB flash drive can be used flexibly and without installation. Secondly, the program supports all systems that can be easily managed in real time. Sun Desktop can take remote control of Windows, Citrix, Linux / Unix, Macintosh systems and browser-based systems ASG-Remote.

ASG-Remote Desktop DownloadASG-Remote Desktop Download as a remote control software for servers & PCs

Optimum remote maintenance for administrators: The ASG-Remote Desktop Download is ideal for administrators. Thanks to the simultaneous connection to multiple systems, which may be different in nature, the daily work of an admin is optimized.

ASG-Remote Desktop uses Admins under the arms

Admins who are constantly reliant on having to simultaneously access different systems to get to the download of ASG-Remote Desktop the necessary tools. No effort to everyday work to be done. From finding and renaming objects to the management of various settings and connections. External applications can be easily integrated and call. The program also supports synchronization of objects from the VMware ESX or Active Directory can be all systems keep up to date. The ASG-Remote Desktop also supports a variety of connection protocols. Access to other computers are possible, among other things via RDP, Telnet, http / S, ICA, SSH and VNC.

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Safety is the alpha and omega for remote maintenance

An important aspect of remote maintenance is security. Say, access must be controlled and only for certain people. This is ensured through various mechanisms. For access via RDP, ICA or VNC for example, the user different encryption are authentication methods provided. The verification takes place among other things at the network level, the access to a Microsoft Terminal Services Gateway is also possible.

ASG-Remote Desktop Download SecuritySeveral administrators can simultaneously perform their daily work.

Convenient remote maintenance thanks database mode

Since the entire backup is handled by a central database, multiple admins can simultaneously perform their daily work. The program also comes with an entitlement management that allows to assign different access capabilities different admins. It is also useful that all activities and connections can be called so that they are quickly available again. Furthermore, the database mode ensures that are performed on all activities such changes, errors, etc. protocols.

Limitations of vRD

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