Globus app

Globus app

With the Globus app Customers of Globe Hardware stores all the important information at hand. The app with the long name "Globus Baumarkt Brochure App" ensures that you are informed about the latest offers and never miss a hardware store bargain more.

Globus app with the current Prospectus and information on the hardware store branches

next to the current prospectus, the globe app presents a variety of information about the individual DIY stores including the respective daily diet of gastronomy if any such exists in the respective hardware store. After starting and installing the globe app, the user sees first three selection window: location, zip code and all. When looking for the location of the markets in the vicinity, including the address and the distance will be listed meticulously to its own site. Whoever enters his zip code, provides a list of nearby Globus DIY stores. At the request of the DIY customer can also view a list of all branches, which are listed alphabetically by the names of cities.

Globus appGlobus app with the current Prospectus and the information about the individual DIY stores. Source: Globe

Access to Globus Online Store

After the desired hardware store is selected, the customer can take a look at the current world prospectus and scroll through it for interesting Ange pray. There are also direct access to the Globe online store. On market information, the construction market will receive customer information to the address for the phone number and the opening times of the selected hardware store store. In addition, you can learn about upcoming events at the hardware store here.

Globus app menuMenu of Globus Baumarkt gastronomy. Source: Globe

No home improvement tips or PDF Manuals available

Who taps newsletter will receive weekly information about the top offers of the week and the current menu of the restaurant upon request. In the settings you can also specify whether a message is desired when special promotional brochures or actions are available. By default, this is disabled.

Besides privacy policy and legal notice there are no other menu items. Unfortunately, the world has to offer app over other hardware store competitors no additional information such as home improvement tips, PDF assembly instructions, or the like, but serves only as a bare Welcome to our stores and our current brochure offers as well as access to its online store. Who more tools and apps for home & Family seeks to free download, find it in our software catalog.