Bicycle directions

Bicycle directions

Who reliable Bicycle route planner for download examined should grab Route planner to Falk Maps. The useful companion for cyclists provides detailed online maps and an exact route planning. A POI finder for locating restaurants, hotels, ATMs, shops and attractions is also included in the route planner app.

Bicycle route planner download for Android and iOS devices and as a web app

The bicycle route planner download is available both as mobile apps for Android and iOS ready and in a web app. The route planner apps on the go rely on various online maps from the original Falk maps, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap to special cyclist maps and terrain maps. Practical is the ability to plan a route on the PC and access when traveling via app on the smartphone. The card follows an in follow mode exactly to the current location. According to Falk, a total of more than five million POIs (Points of Interest) contain from different categories.

Bicycle route planner DownloadPlan route on the PC and recall them at the mobile app: bicycle route planner download. Source:

The planned routes can be changed at any time

The current location can be quickly and easily integrated into the bicycle route planning. The pins in the map can be moved at will and thus change planned routes fairly straightforward. Those who follow the planned route, always sees whether course and direction of fit, as the map of the position of the cyclist follows. Between different map views can be changed.

Bicycle route planner Download RouteIn this cycle route in the German and Austrian Alps, it is a bit hilly. Source:

do not include offline maps in mobile apps

The mobile apps, they contain no offline maps so that during use of the bicycle route planner An Internet connection is necessary. only the actually required map tiles are loaded while loudly Falk. Who does not use Internet flat rate or located abroad, should pay attention to its data volume, so no unexpected costs.

Bicycle route planning in the Web browser

Particularly comfortable and easy is the bicycle route planner app via a web browser. Operation is simple: Write your starting point and destination and click on Show Route. Already the route on the chart is visible and can be zoomed at will. Cyclists can also note their intermediate targets for route planning. Clicking on the route options of cyclists determines whether all route suggestions are to be displayed or whether only the shortest and the fastest route is presented.

Bicycle route planner Download WebAppBicycle route planning via a Web browser on request with intermediate targets

On request, the departure or the desired time of arrival can be specified to bring the required departure time or the expected arrival in experience. Useful information includes a printable directions and the height profile of the planned bicycle route.