So you can turn off the ALDI Talk mailbox

So you can turn off the ALDI Talk mailbox

In less than a minute you can ALDI Talk mailbox off. Try it now and prevent unwanted voice messages on the phone!

Using the mailbox function can leave the callee voice messages, such as when the called party is unavailable straight caller. However, many mobile phone users want to do without voicemail messages for various reasons. With a few simple tricks you can disable the corresponding function. Also, the mobile network operator ALDI TALK can switch off the mailbox. What to beware of and how exactly you can turn off the ALDI Talk mailbox is described in the following step-by-step instructions. Tip for smartphone owners: ALDI Talk offers its customers a mobile app that helps you always have the options of ALDI TALK mobile contract in a clear application. Here you can download the latest version of ALDI Talk app for free. ALDI Talk mailbox off So you can turn off the ALDI Talk mailbox. (Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)

The ALDI Talk mailbox off the E-Plus network

Typically, the individual steps for turning off a mailbox function of wireless providers to mobile operator or mobile service provider differ slightly from one another. The most important sales division of MEDIONmobile, the wireless service plan, the company Medion, is ALDI TALK, and the German contractor is at ALDI TALK well as in MEDIONmobile the E-Plus Service GmbH & Co. KG. Thus, one can ALDI Talk mailbox just as easily off as with other contractors, the access network to the E-Plus such as SIMYO, or MEDION Mobile. So you disable the ALDI Talk mailbox Unless this is a new ALDI TALK tariff or ALDI TALK contract with the new number, you must first configure the mailbox function and set up. Only then you can disable the mailbox.

  1. configure and set up mailbox: The free number to activate and set up the mailbox is 9911. The first time you use it, the handset key or the OK button then must press and then enter any 4- to 10-digit PIN. The secret code should be easy to remember because they are needed again in the event that you want to listen to voice mail when activated from abroad or from a landline. ALDI Talk mailbox disable e plus 9911(Screenshot: Editorial)
  2. to end a call: Once a PIN is entered, you can the end phone call. The mailbox is now activated and is now disabled in the third step. not finished one conversation, one can make with other inputs various mailbox settings, for example, to insert the personal name and surname in the default greeting or record a customized welcome message instead of the standard greeting.
  3. disable mailbox: After the mailbox has been activated, it redials the toll-free number 9911. The audible menu, choose one now presses the 3 (Personal Options) – 2 (notification options) – (off mailbox) 8. Now the ALDI Talk mailbox is off. Who wants to turn it on again, you have to simply dial the number 9911 again and select the appropriate options.