Elf Yourself App

Elf Yourself App

The Elf Yourself App is THE oblique cult Christmas Klasssiker par. Quickly and easily can be after the Elf Yourself APK Download the Christmas Elf Dance App funny video Christmas greetings sent as individual gifts with a personal touch – not just for Christmas!

Elf Yourself app: Christmas greetings with a high fun factor

With the Elf Yourself app, the user can make dress friends, colleagues and relatives as Christmas elves and dance. In the Elf Yourself classics by first inviting a few portraits of selected people high, adapts them a bit and even the elves dance with the faces of friends in perfect choreography across the screen. The dance repertoire of elves widens it from year to year, from honky tonk and hip hop to 80’s and Charleston are in the current Elf Yourself Android and iOS app new funny dance styles that allow the elves a hot sole on the virtual Laying parquet.

Elf Yourself App

Send dance numbers by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter

A mouse click, the user can share the most beautiful and craziest Dancing Elf dancing with his friends, Just a click to send Elf Yourself video via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. The Elf Yourself app is free to use, but not all Christmas dances in the free version on board.

Who wants to use all kinds of music for video clips and download the films produced and permanently archive, needs to pay the Elf Dance a small fee. Here the Elf Yourself is clearly spendierfreudiger Download as WebApp: All dance styles are in the browser version free usable.

Elf Yourself app photo selection

Rotate faces of the elves and adapt

The operation of the Elf Yourself app is self-explanatory. Those who attend the annual Christmas tradition and even want to be with dancing Weihnachtswichteln the star of a personal video, invites a photo of yourself and up to four friends either via Facebook or from your own hard drive high , If you want to create stylish dance routines as possible, the elves head forms should be adjusted a bit. For this, the user moves the photo until your face fits perfectly in the given context.

Elf Yourself App faces

Useful are the two sliders rotate and zoom. By Rotate the user can rotate the image and zoom functions to change it to the desired size. Thus, the faces of friends can fit exactly into the presentation of the elves head, which is the later video clip for good. Finally, you can still fit the red slider. He should be placed exactly at the level of the mouth.

Elf Yourself App dancing

Dance styles Office Party to Felize Navidad

The user then chooses the desired dance motif. Choose from Cats !, Oh Hanukkah, breakin, Office Party, Jingle Pop, Felize Navidad, House Party, Classic, Elfspanol, EDM, Charleston, Soul, Honky Tonk, 80’s and hip hop. Finished! Even the video clip can be viewed. The respective URL of the dancing ends up with a mouse click on the link icon in the clipboard or can Facebook, Twitter & Co are passed on to friends. Many more entertaining audio tools for free download are included in our comprehensive software offering.