iPhone 6 Operating

iPhone 6 Operating

Of the iPhone 6 Manual Download presents all the features of the popular smartphone from Apple in detail. With the original Apple iPhone guide the user as he gets the most out of his iPhone out experiences. The 6 User’s iPhone is available in several versions and reveals everything worth knowing about fundamentals, news, camera, card, Health, Wallet, podcasts, accessibility, security and more.

iPhone 6 Manual Download reveals many iOS detail functions

Apple devices and software are the Friends of the Californian company known as self-explanatory. However, there are some detail function for reading a manual seem to make sense to explore all the features and be able to use the apps properly. A detailed iPhone 6 Manual lends itself well for beginners who hold for the first time an iPhone in hand. You can do with the iPhone manual with the basics of the instrument familiar.

The iPhone 6 User is not just for proud owners of smartphones iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 of interest, but also supplies the same time users of iPhone 5s, 5c iPhone, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s with all relevant information, Tips and Tricks. The German-speaking iPhone 6 Guidebook provides information on all features of the iPhone operating system iOS and concerned among other things with the intelligent voice assistant Siri.

iPhone 6 Manual DownloadiPhone 6 Manual Download PDF 226 pages (Image: Apple / Editorial)

iPhone 6 Manual in PDF, iBook and Web version

There are several iPhone 6 manuals ready to meet up with iOS, iPhone 6 & to deal Co.. Who iOS installed on his iPhone 9.1 and examines the appropriate instructions for the new Apple operating system, iOS 9.1 uses manual as iBook version. Alternatively, you can scroll directly in the browser and use the iPhone online manual in the IOS 9 Web version.

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iPhone 6 Manual Download OverviewThe guide covers all the features of the iPhone operating system iOS (Photo: Apple / Editorial)

There is also the iPhone operating instructions as PDF version. This is of course particularly convenient as excellent for browsing, searching and printing PDFs are located. However, there is the iPhone 6 Manual Download PDF not yet for iOS 9 but "just" for iOS 8.4, but this in German, excellent content structured in an understandable language and with all the interesting details.

iPhone 6 Manual Download TipsNumerous tips and tricks are included in the guide iPhone. 6 (Photo: Apple / Editorial)

in the iPhone PDF version, the iPhone 6 Instructions comprises 226 pages, distributed in the following chapters and appendices:

  • Chapter 1: The iPhone at a glance
  • Chapter 2: Introduction
  • Chapter 3: Basics
  • Chapter 4: Siri
  • Chapter 5: Phone
  • Chapter 6: Mail
  • Chapter 7: Safari
  • Chapter 8: Music
  • Chapter 9: News
  • Chapter 10: Calendar
  • Chapter 11: Share Photos
  • Chapter 12: Camera
  • Chapter 13: Weather
  • Chapter 14: PM
  • Chapter 15: Maps
  • Chapter 16: Videos
  • Chapter 17: Notes
  • Chapter 18: Memories
  • Chapter 19: Shares
  • Chapter 20: Game Center
  • Chapter 21: newsstand
  • Chapter 22: iTunes Store
  • Chapter 23: App Store
  • Chapter 24: iBooks
  • Chapter 25: Health
  • Chapter 26: Passbook
  • Chapter 27: FaceTime
  • Chapter 28: Computer
  • Chapter 29: Podcasts
  • Chapter 30: Compass
  • Chapter 31: Voice Memos
  • Chapter 32: Contacts
  • Appendix A: Accessibility
  • Appendix B: iPhone in the enterprise
  • Appendix C: International Keyboards
  • Appendix D: carplay
  • Appendix E: safety, handling and support

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