ChrisPC Win Experience Index

ChrisPC Win Experience Index

Of the ChrisPC Win Experience Index Download provides information on the performance of hardware components. Unlike other free benchmarks from the download catalog Windows Experience Index does not check different hardware components in terms of high-end performance, but primarily in terms of the execution of Windows. With Vista, the index was introduced and remained 8 to Windows. you want to Windows Experience Index on Windows 10 see this little tool saves just beginners unnecessary fiddling under the hood of Windows.

What makes the ChrisPC Win Experience Index Download?

If Windows is not running satisfactorily, which may be due to various things. The windows own benchmark here at least a first indication and also helps in comparing different systems, without having to perform lengthy testing, analysis and benchmarks. are tested memory, processor, graphics card and hard disk and calculates a value which gives a rough indication of the performance of the system. The output value based on the component with the lowest performance. The performance of each component is, however, also issued separately, thereby leaving the slowest hardware relatively easy to identify.

Read the Windows Experience Index correctly

One thing must be clear: A low performance index does not necessarily mean low performance. In our example, it can be seen that the graphics performance of the system is clearly the bottleneck. To play games, or fiddling with many open windows, the PC is therefore not appropriate. Thanks to the built-in SSD data transfer is good though, CPU and RAM are also sufficient. As a result, the computer opens programs relatively quickly and goes to work f├╝glichst out. Once a grafiklastige action or 3D games are pending, however, a significant power loss is palpable.

ChrisPC Win Experience Index Download

Check performance and compare systems

The Windows Experience Index can be compared quickly and easily located about when installing a new component to what extent the performance of the corresponding sub-system has been changed. It is important here that the highest rating from Windows has changed. 8 If it is in Vista and 7 is still at a maximum of 7.9, it has risen in Windows 8 to 9.9. This is a small hurdle when comparing PCs with different operating systems, so unfortunately the available here changes Windows System Assessment Tool for Windows 10 Download nothing, but he reaches back to the built-in Windows Experience Index.