share Netflix account – is the sharing allowed?

Users having their own share Netflix Account want to ask yourself if that's even legal. We clear on what is allowed and what is not. From here and then use Netflix optimal!

In terms of series streaming Netflix is ​​the point number one for many users. This has probably mainly due to its wide range of services. The user can also enjoy its programs on various devices - with the Netflix app download on the mobile device via the platform on the PC or smart TV. But that's actually the same time? And if yes - can you look at the account simply with Friends & share family?

share Netflix Accountshare Netflix account - can you mean?

Netflix account share: Depending on the subscription model

Technically, the sharing of one's own account with other people is not a problem. However, the subscription model is not entirely irrelevant. So the model decides on how many devices the service can be used simultaneously. The following conditions must be considered in the models:

  • (1) base model: It is with 7.99 euros a month the cheapest model, but is also very limited. So you can only stream on a device, the parallel use of a second device is not possible.
  • (2) Standard model: monthly for 9.99 euros this subscription allows you to use two devices simultaneously.
  • (3) Premium model: Here even four devices that stream at the same time are allowed. The whole thing will cost 11.99 euros.

Netflix account share subscriptionTechnically, the subscription model is crucial

So who wants to share his Netflix account required either to allow the standard or premium subscription it technically at all.

Legal situation: Is the Netflix sharing allowed?

The more exciting question is whether it is liable to prosecution or so must fear a blocking of the account.Netflix now does not move necessarily the big drum with the slogan "You can share your its streams". However, no locks or other punish are known. In addition, the streaming service is spelled out in the Terms of Use as follows:

"If you share your Netflix account with friends or family, it may be that they also use it just when you want to watch Netflix. The number of users that can stream at the same time depends on your Netflix subscription. "Change subscription" on the page you can view the limit for your account, and other subscription options. "

That said, Netflix seems not seem to mind that users share their Netflix account.

use an account at different locations

However, one question remains: Is it okay for Netflix when shared with friends or family members who do not live in the same household? This question is unfortunately nowhere really dealt with in the provisions of the platform.

The only information that can be found: Netflix wants to deal carefully with its usage data so that abuses can be eliminated. A specific ban on the sharing with friends and relatives with whom lack the financial close, can not account for it.

The Christian Solmecke lawyer who has been widely reported to internet issues to speak, declared that the parts move in a gray area. A clear ban as well as a permit is missing. One thing, however, set out in the Conditions: Netflix may be used only in private - that this also applies to the case when you want to share his Netflix account.