All Snapchat trophies and how to get them

All Snapchat trophies and how to get them

37 Snapchat trophies are a total. We have all the practical overview and reveal how you get them. learn more here and fully collect the coveted trophies!

The Snapchat download is now almost mandatory on any smartphone. The instant messaging service is pleased daily for new users and scores with entertaining visual effects and filters. Instead of the slogan: “The Internet never forgets” sets Snapchat self-destruct mode images and clips as new standard – and the success of this simple but ingenious idea right.

Snapchat trophiesAll Snapchat trophies at a glance. (Picture: Snapchat Inc./Redaktion)


What are Snapchat trophies & where to find them?

Those who use Snapchat diligently as a reward receive small awards. So can collect the trophies Snapchat for example for the use of filters or the verification of the e-mail address. and our users an overview of the already received the total of 37 awards, if they choose on the camera screen, the Snapchat icon and in the profile screen, the corresponding trophy icon.

All trophies Overview

Who wants to collect the 37 trophies Snapchat must face up to these tasks:

1. Snapchat Trophies email Email: verify the e-mail address.

Second Snapchat Trophies Red Phone Red Phone: verify own telephone number.

Third Snapchat Trophies Baby Baby: Is there beieinem Snapchat score to 100th

4th Snapchat Trophies finger up Up finger: a snap ship with an activated filter.

5th Snapchat Trophies peace sign Peace symbol: send a snap with two activated filters.

6th Snapchat Trophies sun Sun: send a snap with a high temperature filter.

7th Snapchat Trophies Panda Panda: 50 Snaps with black and white filter.

8th. Snapchat Trophies lollipops Lollipop: painting With more than five colors on snap.

9th Snapchat Trophies Rainbow Rainbow: Ten Snaps with more than five colors send.

10th Snapchat Trophies color palette Color palette: send 50 Snaps with more than five colors.

11th Snapchat Trophies fried Fried: A snap between four and five o’clock in the morning

12th Snapchat trophies Monkey send a snap without sound: Monkey with locked safety ears.

13th Snapchat trophies VHS VHS tape: Send a video.

14th Snapchat trophies Bright Star Shining star: a Snapchat score of 100 reached.

15th Snapchat trophies Three stars Three Stars: Achieving a Snapchat score of the 1000th

16th Snapchat Trophies shooting star Shooting Star: reach a Snapchat score of 10,000.

17th Snapchat Trophies Crescent Crescent: send 50 snaps in night mode.

18th Snapchat Trophies devil face Devil Facial: 1000 send to the front camera snaps created.

19th Snapchat Trophies spirit Spirit reached a Snapchat score of 500,000.

20th Snapchat Trophies fireworks Explosion: reach a Snapchat score of 50,000.

21st Snapchat Trophies rocket Rocket: reach a Snapchat score of 100,000.

22nd Snapchat Trophies Snowflake Snowflake: send a Snap with temperature filter below zero degrees Celsius.

23rd Snapchat Trophies retro camera Retro Camera: send About 50 video Snaps.

24th Snapchat Trophies video camera Video camera: send over 500 video Snaps.

25th Snapchat Trophies ABCD ABCD: 100 Snaps with enlarged text to send.

26th Snapchat Trophies microscope Microscope: send tens of video snaps with zoom-in.

27th Snapchat Trophies Lupe Lupe: send tens Snaps with full zoom.

28th Snapchat Trophies flashlight Flashlight: send tens Snaps with flash on the front camera.

29th Snapchat Trophies Repeat Repeat: To switch between front to rear camera in a video snap.

30th Snapchat Trophies Repeat 2 Repeat 2: rotate camera five times in a video snap.

31st Snapchat Trophies cycle Circuit: Rotate camera ten times in a video.

32nd Snapchat Trophies Grinning Devil Grinning Devil: Create a Snap screenshot.

33rd Snapchat Trophies Evil Devil Evil devil create tens snap screenshots.

34th Snapchat Trophies devil mask Devil Mask: Create 50 snap screenshots.

35th Snapchat Trophies retro radio Retro radio: Add a snap to their own history.

36th Snapchat Trophies clapperboard Film Slate: Add ten snaps to their own history.

37th Snapchat Trophies Fax Fax: Scan Five Snapcodes.

(Images: Snapchat Inc.)