iTunes Server to set up: So it goes 2023

iTunes Server to set up: So it goes

Setting up an iTunes server to make listening to music even simpler, is not so difficult. How to do this, you can learn here! iTunes is now regarded as a known management program from Apple for multimedia files. All media files can be so very easy to manage, and in addition the libraries between all devices are automatically synchronized. So listening to the files is even easier, a iTunes server be set up.

easily set up an iTunes server

With an iTunes server, it is always possible to listen with different mobile devices all audio files. For this to be implemented, a so-called NAS is necessary. A NAS is a network storage, which allows certain data to save completely centralized, so many devices can access it. As an iTunes server can be set up on a NAS, is explained in the following instructions.

The requirements for iTunes

To use the management software iTunes is a computer with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 required. An additional 400 MB of free space on the hard drive and a broadband Internet connection is recommended. If you own a Mac, OS X should operate 10.6.8 or higher. Of course, a NAS is necessary if an iTunes server to be set up. The systems are now quite cheap at electronics dealers. The download iTunes for Windows is free. iTunes Server 1.1

Setting up iTunes on the server

After the NAS is connected, the iTunes server can be set up already. 1&# 46; stepThe user launches iTunes in Windows, and then open the menu "To edit" iTunes preferences. By default, iTunes stores data in folders "iTunes Media"As indicated in the extended area. 2&# 46; stepThis location must first be changed. for this to "To change" click and then select the location where the new media folder to be stored. In this case, this is the NAS because a server should be configured. 3&# 46; stepWell on "file". "Media library" and then click the menu item "Manage library" click. So your own library is fully automatic and completely copied to the NAS. 4&# 46; step: Now open a small window in which "merge files" must be selected. The checkbox is simply provided with a hook, and then with "OK" approved. Copying starts now and lasts just a few minutes. 5&# 46; step: After the copy is complete, the custom folders may "iTunes Media" to be deleted. However, please make sure that both files "iTunes Library.xml" and "iTunes Library.itl" not to delete. 6&# 46; step: To start the server for the first time, the shift key must be held at the start of iTunes. Then the library path just has to be put into the NAS.

  iTunes Server to set up: So it goes