At the WAV to MP3 Download the program name makes a very pertinent statement on the functions of the freeware. In a simple way of free audio converter wave sound files recoded Layer 3 data in the space-saving MPEG.

WAV to MP3 download convert WAV to MP3 files

If you start the WAV to MP3 download after installation, a conceivable minimalist program window appears on the screen, making the freeware stands alone from most downloads alternative audio converter in our software offering. Only the four buttons "Open WAV". "WAV -> MP3". "cancellation" as "The End" are available for click and are largely self-explanatory. In a display window can be seen, in which only the current time is displayed initially in the form of a digital clock.

WAV to MP3 DownloadWAV to MP3 download the free audio converter (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Audio Converter easily held Art

Now you press the first button, the Audio Converter WAV to MP3 calls on the familiar Windows dialog for opening files. In this user navigate to the directory where the wav files are stored and read them to convert to MP3 one. This operation directly falls the first weakness of the WAV converter in the eye, because he always converts only one sound file per pass around. So if you want, for example, convert an entire album in MP3, this task takes quite a bit in the length.

Fast convert WAV to MP3

Therefore you have to WAV to MP3 but their credit, as such, it can not be too much time when converting to MP3. In the test, converting WAV to MP3 took an average of about ten seconds. this is bought but unfortunately by the complete absence of settings for the resulting after conversion MP3 file. Neither can still be influence the sampling rate yet to implement in the course of converting mono to stereo or vice versa, as some other WAV MP3 Converter dominated the bit. At the end of the conversion process is basically a 128-bit MP3 with the same number of channels as the source file. Also interventions in file names and / or ID3 tags are not possible, which also applies to the target directory of the output files. This land basically in the same folder as the source WAV files.

WAV to MP3 Converter Download Audio

Only for fast WAV Conversion recommended

Whether you have the WAV to MP3 download really hold against this rather serious cuts, but it is not so easy to answer. After all, the audio transducer has about ten years on his program hump, which makes it, given the pace of development to a true veteran of its genre. In addition to all appearances there was in this period, no significant updates, and for a first edition, the freeware does her few tasks quite well.