Of the kicktipp Download managed to do laps without warping or Excel chaos comfortable online and in the browser. Although the name of the Web App gives an idea of ​​the football origin, ultimately, however, is the Web app for just about every sport.

kicktipp Download with clever tip games

While presenting itself kicktipp visually not too smart in the free version, it offers betting under the hood more than you would think at first glance. The login is uncomplicated by e-mail address and password. Who acts as director of the syndicate, compiles individual rounds with just a few clicks. Here one makes use of the predefined tournaments and leagues, who, alongside the German Federal League and the German Cup and international competitions such as Europe and the Champions League, including scheduling to choose from.

carefree selectable bonus tips for more pep and excitement, bring in extra points. Here can be the first coach dismissal as well as tap the top scorer or the unfortunate losers. Who does not find his favorite sport here puts very own tip rounds without much effort. To manufacture betting communities to load at kicktipp up to 300 players directly from the app one by mail. Participants give their forecasts in the clear surface until shortly before the start of the sporting events from - and thanks to an additional Mobile Version of the go from your smartphone.

kicktipp Download