GTA 1 is an absolute classic among PC games. While these customized version still scores with 3D graphics, but does for their service on current Windows systems. Getting a bit old, but all the more stylish. Grand Theft Auto is the first part of the perfect game to let off to let out the sow. not like the passer me away with it. But this sports car I would have liked - Driver throw, get in and look forward to the now imminent chase with police. In between the inclined gunman done yet Gangster missions in exchange for prestige and budget. What sounds exaggerated, is precisely the concept behind GTA: Do what a gangster just doing so - in Liberty City. The control has not improved over the years, the graphics are still just as pixelated as then, but the load times are significantly shrunk. So all in all GTA1 guarantees nothing for HD graphics fans, but makes it still neat mood for a little game between. This Classic Game clearly belongs in any games.