With the Cydia download User are finally independent of iTunes and can Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV or iPad download in alternative Store. However: Cydia only works on devices running a jailbreak was carried out - because officially apps can only be downloaded via the virtual Apple store.

Cydia downloadThe Cydia download offers new possibilities on iPhone & Co.

The benefits to the Cydia download

The biggest advantage of Cydia offers download users, the access to locked apps, extensions or themes. Often, these tools are not available on the official store because they interfere too deeply into the operating system and unlock hidden features. Among the most interesting tools include:

  • AirBlue Sharing: This tool can not only sounds are transmitted to speakers, but also photos or videos of Androids, or Windows Phones are sent via AirDrop.
  • RevealMenuThis app also provides older iPhone models with 3D touch optimization.
  • CCSettings: After downloading shortcuts and icon layouts can be customized.
  • Activator: With this app Rules can create certain actions, for example, that the music player will open when headphones are plugged in.
  • BelfryWith this tool, the standard apps of the iPhone also coming to the iPad.
  • xBackup: This application ensures apps.

This is only a small selection of apps that are users available to the Cydia download. But even here it can be seen how much more the possibilities offered by alternative tools as opposed to the official applications. There are also tweaks, so extensions for iOS or apps modifications in applications (Mods) and numerous themes with which the user interface can be customized. There are available both free and -pflichtige products for download. The latter can be ordered via PayPal or Amazon Payment.


The Download button takes you directly to the manufacturer. The open source software is not independent for download, but is integrated into jailbreak programs like Pangu or TAIS. Users should consider whether they really want to perform on your Apple device a jailbreak but before. The whole is not without risks, because although to many functions can discover, adapt or change - but the vast majority of users really have a clue of what they're doing. So it may be that the machine slows down or makes the battery limp. The security settings are not as reliable as with the factory settings after a jailbreak - a virus or malware arrive more quickly and more often to the devices.