Millionaire? 2023


To answer questions of the popular quiz show, you have to be a candidate in Günther Jauch or not necessarily – as a spectator – until the program is broadcast wait. With the Millionaire Download you can play through all the questions at home on a home computer.

Certainly, money plays a role, even for the participants of the popular RTL quiz show. But the popularity of so many quiz apps and quizzes with free download in our download catalog shows up and that it’s just all about the quiz and trivia game goes many users at each other. With the Millionaire game allows users to re-enact the typical questions of RTL show at home and put their knowledge to the test. Look-and-feel are modeled on the real mission to the last detail.

Millionaire Download with original question ladders

Divided is the Millionaire game in two broad categories, namely the training camp on the one hand and the Live game on the other hand. If you still feel unsure or would like to make possible any errors in the one million euro question was in training camp ample opportunity to expand his knowledge. It includes the original question leaders from the TV show. At the top, current issues, that is the category with the latest issues, starting with the sorting task. Among them is the category “Random game” to the question conductors from the archive.

Millionaire Download

Prominent ideas included

In the category “Other games” are for the Millionaire download various subgenres available. Here you can select, for example, “Celebrity Specials”, “International Games”, the last program, “Games of winners” as well as specials. The rules can be – read the penultimate rider – as needed. At the very bottom of the first level training camp menu the high scores. This is a list that indicates the average of the last ten days Results.

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Exercise can live mitzocken

If you feel fit, may eventually switch to LIVE game. Here, users can measure live with the candidates in the studio. However – as it suggests the term live – this is possible only at the time of the TV broadcast. When the next broadcasting takes place, you can read under the “live game”. As a rule, the shipment will be sent from Monday to Friday from 20:15. Who is not at home at that time and otherwise has no access to a desktop computer that can Who is playing Millionaire game using app RTL INSIDE go via the phone or tablet.

Millionaire Download sorting task