USB flash drives are unquestionably useful mobile data storage. So useful that many users have more than one copy at home - and perfect is chaos? This need not necessarily be our tip.

Rename USB stick and avoid confusion

Many users hoard home more than a USB flash drive, they offer much space at a low price in a convenient format. Who often handled with changing USB data storage devices, knows the problem. The name is not unique and can not be seen at first glance whether one has now plugged the stick from work or private with the music. Easier you can make your work with USB sticks, if they clearly designate. We'll show you how you miss your USB flash drive a unique name.

Rename USB stick

  • Connect the USB stick to your computer. It may also involve any other USB mass storage (hard drives, MP3 players, etc.) as long as they are recognized as a drive.

  • Open the Workplace, select the USB drive with a single click and press F2.

  • Now, the field changes to the edit mode. Enter a name and press Enter. Rename USB stick From now on your USB stick is uniquely named and identified. The name chaos should be a thing of the past.

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