Dr.Web protects the PC against attacks by viruses, rootkits, spyware and other malware. in addition to the antivirus program virus hunters includes a firewall, a spam-remover, heuristic malware detection and a spyware filters. Dr.Web anti-virus scan after installing the system, including hard drives, memory and boot sector for malicious software from back. Henceforth reviewed the guard the system in real time to potential intruders and blocks this way. New on board: protection against data corruption by viruses already penetrated and Co. Here you define specific directories, which are then blocked for access by the digital obscurantists. Furthermore Dr.Web Is Taking data under the microscope that find Messenger and Co. make their way to the computer via instant. Found digital pests treated Dr.Web according to predetermined rules by the user. In this way, infected objects can be plugged in either quarantine, delete or ignore. Also, rootkits, spyware and adware go into the mesh of viruses doctor. Dr.Web equipped Windows PCs with several protective walls against viruses, rootkits & Co. of. In terms of the functionality of the Russian virus hunter must not hide from the competition AVG, Avira, Norton, Kaspersky and his associates. All the more so because recently, parental control, including Web-lock can be found with the Gepäckt. Not-so-young PC users vewehrt Dr.Web optional entry to piracy suspicious websites.

Limitations of Dr.Web

The trial version runs 30 days.