The XBMC Media Center, just simply called XBMC was originally developed for the Xbox game console, but then he developed over time to a free, platform-independent software for setting up a home theater PC. For some time, there is the media center for Android. XBMC Android can not be achieved through Google Play, but must be manually installed.

XBMC Android offers full functionality

For Windows and Linux systems, there is a free media center software to play videos, pictures and music since the early noughties. For the Android operating system, however long time there were only beta versions available as long as were replaced until this beginning of the year 2013 from the final version 12.0. This is in XBMC Android not a compressed version; Instead, the XBMC offers app for Android devices full functionality, which is known from the Windows and Linux versions.

XBMC Android

Media Center displays additional content

As a classic media center with integrated video player for free download XBMC takes over the task to catalog, organize, display visually appealing and output or play the present with the user media files. But unlike many other players using XBMC additional content from the Internet to provide users with added value for pure play functionality. can be These might include movie posters, cast lists, subtitles or trailers that using plug-ins accessed.

XBMC Android selection

install XBMC by APK on your phone

Even with XBMC Android these functions are. So the smartphone after installing a multimedia machine that can be played among other series and songs with additional content. Since there is not the XBMC app in the Play Store, it must be installed manually. Simply download the free APK file upload from our download area on the PC and download the file with via USB to your phone and set up. What is important here is that on the smartphone the option "unknown source" is enabled. The corresponding hook can from Android 4.0 in "Settings - Security" to be set. Versatile app with small teething With XBMC Android XBMC development team goes to a big step to mobile devices. I particularly like that the app is not a scaled-down version of the Windows and Linux versions, but the functionality is basically stayed the same. Here and there, there are still a few bugs with plug-ins, but they are rather marginal and should be resolved in not too long ago.