Whether for the wedding party or barbecue - appetizing menus can easily with the Menus print shop Download are produced and printed. These menu cards make you hungry for more and are created instantaneously.

The download of menus print shop for home or office

Who does not know this saying: eat with your eyes. By downloading menus print shop, the user can follow this spell and make things aesthetically pleasing drinks or menus. Therefore there is a large graphics library with about 1,000 prefabricated designs and over 5000 clipart. Furthermore, this library features professional photos, different backgrounds, different fonts and various frame. To ensure that this program is one of the photo tools for free download that can do more than just edit photos.

Simple menus print shop through the templates

Because of these different templates, it is a real no-brainer with this shareware for all meals and occasions different menu cards to create. Also, the user can use your own photos, frames or templates by scanning this same document for the food and drink menus, so his imagination there are no limits. Of course, there is also a print function for the finished cards, so they can easily be put on paper. But for professional facilities such as restaurants or cafes worth a software like menus print shop, as can be created with their lovingly designed menus.

Menus print shop Download

harmonious look & Feel the photo tools

The interface of menus print shop is relatively cluttered designed as the tool provides so many opportunities for design. Therefore, the average Joe user needs some clicks to really navigate with the program and apply it appropriately. The menu items are on the left and above the Creation area and they have different items with which the user should gradually go through in order to control them. Here even experienced computer users will have no advantage in the operation. For all occasions and different types of cuisine A download of menus print shop is worthwhile both for private individuals who have to plan a larger event, but also for public facilities, such as cafes or restaurants. The variety of templates, pictures and frames, the user gets the fine line between default and creativity well now and is able to create customized menus and drink menus. Not quite intuitive to use, the user needs while some clicks to cope with the tool, but the fact of the utility of the program does not detract. So it is with menus print shop is a very useful and recommended software.

Limitations of menus print shop

Less templates less graphic resources (clipart, photos, backgrounds), some program functions are not available such as Import of WMF clipart, photo effects, and some others.