BufferZone Pro protects the PC against attacks from the Internet with a so-called sandbox. The free virtualization software puts all applications in a virtual environment, which communicate with the outside world - whether browser, email client or downloads. BufferZone Pro Windows isolated against attacks from the network with a virtual protective layer. The freeware runs all potentially dangerous files in a virtualized area on C: \ Virtual from. By default, apps running in the sandbox, for example, browsers, P2P programs and downloads. If a program is running in the virtual environment, BufferZone Pro displays the application window with a red border. In BufferZone Pro running programs can neither Windows nor attack, infect or damage other applications. A virus attack remains stuck in the sandbox. The host system is not affected by the infection. Practical: The state of the sandbox can be saved or reset to the starting point at Virebefall at any time. BufferZone Pro draws an additional protective barrier to Windows. The freeware offers Sandboxie comparable protection and comfort. A full-blown virtual machine, however, the free helper can not hold a candle.